Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet the Arizona state champs

Submitted by Scott Bearchell, Arizona team captain

The FiveGuys are a team from Flagstaff, Arizona. We are an Internet team since our state doesn't have a state competition. Our state is the 48th in the Union and we are celebrating our Centennial this year! Scott Bearchell, team captain, and Christopher Carsey have been on the Arizona team before; Christopher in Miami and Scott in Miami and LA. Morgan Maycumber, Noah Shute, and Paul Bearchell are new this year, but all of them have had a sibling who was on the team in years past. Scott, Christopher, and Paul play varsity tennis for Flagstaff High School. Morgan, along with the rest of the team, plays on a competitive airsoft team. Since Christopher is a long distance runner, our team must run up the Art museum's "Rocky" steps in Philadelphia. Our team is extremely excited to be a part of the LifeSmarts National competition in Philadelphia and are looking forward to meeting other teams including our sister team, Florida, and representing the state of Arizona in the competition.

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