Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Bits from LS Nationals

"After four years, the grid makes sense." - South Carolina captain Brian Cauble, who's been to the national LifeSmarts Championship four years straight.

The Florida state champs from Marathon High School are from the Florida Keys. They reported yesterday that this is their first time seeing snow.

The team from Kansas started off their journey with an *interesting* experience, reported their captain at Saturday's orientation session. "On the way to the airport this morning, our Suburban hit a deer."

In honor of the state's role in the founding of Arbor Day, Nebraska brought small potted evergreens in little plastic tubes to share as a gift with the other teams. Last year's champion coach Ann George was spotted running up to her room to put the little guys in water.

Garrett Graham, captain of the Pennsylvania team from North East High (which happens to be located in the very westernmost part of the state), introduced his coach, Jeanne Lamb and added that his team's assistant coach couldn't be with the group because he's stationed in Baghdad.

First team on the dancefloor at the Saturday night mixer: California. First dance move: moonwalk.

They're Heeeeeeere

It's Saturday!

There's a steady stream of Super Shuttles bringing in State Champs by the van-load.

Teams have come a long way -- beat more than 20,000 students through online competitions, won at states, bonded through hours of studying and fundraising, and endured dicey weather to
-- to get to Minneapolis.

The 2008 National LifeSmarts Championship is finally here!

We’ve started to see a handful of teams checking out downtown Minneapolis, exploring the hotel and registering for the competition. Here’s a sample of the prizes that are at stake for the players this long weekend:

Third place:

  • $300 Savings Bond (Thank you to Toyota Financial Services)
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card (Thank you to the Consumer Electronics Association)

Second place:

  • $600 Savings Bond
  • $50 Best Buy Gift cards

And check out what the first place team is in for:

  • $1,200 Savings Bond
  • $100 Best Buy Gift card
  • $100 Staples Gift Cards (Thank you to Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers)
  • iPhones (Thank you to AT&T)

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting LifeSmarts and providing these sweet prizes!