Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enthusiasm for consumer issues making impact on pro advocate

By Teresa GreenTeresa Green is the Linda Golodner Food Safety and Nutrition Fellow at the National Consumers League. She works on a variety of issues related to food safety, nutrition, and alcohol labeling. Teresa represents NCL on the Make Our Food Safe Coalition, which works to improve food safety systems in the U.S., and as part of the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, which works to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Last Thursday, I had my first experience with LifeSmarts, serving as both a judge and then question master at the DC competition. The thing I most took away from the competition was the energy of the kids competing. Even when they were behind or struggling with difficult questions, these kids were excited to be there and excited to be competing for the chance to go to Nationals in Philadelphia.

As someone who does consumer advocacy for a living, I am sometimes guilty of taking the excitement for consumer issues I encounter for granted. The energy of these kids, their dedication to the competition and the knowledge it tests, reminded me that not everyone has the opportunity to be so well informed. As we move closer and closer to Nationals, we’re so excited to have teams of kids who are passionate and excited about these issues. As a consumer advocate, I am inspired to think that I may be interacting with the next generation of advocates.