Monday, May 9, 2011

Congratulations individual topic winners!

The 2011 LifeSmarts National Championship in Hollywood, CA was a great success! Thanks to everyone who helped 2011 be such an incredible program year! However, we couldn’t let 2011 come to a close without acknowledging our individual topic winners. For the second year at the National LifeSmarts Championship, teens from each of the 33 state champion teams represented at nationals competed in individual topic area challenges, and the top five scorers received $500 scholarships from NCL.

This year’s winners were:

Environment: Maura Taylor, MD
Personal finance: Brian Vermillion, FL
Health & safety: Austin Hart, NH
Consumer rights & responsibilities: Jordy Shute, AZ
Technology: Robert Dickens, MD

Congratulations guys! Hope to see you next year!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rubbing elbows in Hollywood

From New Hampshire team coach Chuck Bates:

The 2011 NH LifeSmarts Champs got to see the Jay Leno show Friday night. We met and shook hands with guests Actress Susan Lucci, Actor Rob Lowe, Tonight Show Band Director Ricky Miner, and Musician Moby. As we were getting ready to leave, we happened to see Jay heading upstairs; after calling out hello and mentioning that we were from New Hampshire, Jay came right down to to say hello and allowed us to take several pictures and chat with us . I've attached the best one.

In the photo are: my daughter Lisa, team members Galen, Sven, Teddy, Captain Cody, Assistant Coach Tim Quinney, Austin, Jay Leno, my wife Sue, and of course me (Chuck Bates).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kansas takes title!

The team from Nickerson High School defeated New Hampshire's Inter-Lakes High in a nail-biting match, 214-151!

Monday, May 2, 2011

State standings at the start of day 3

Day 2 team standings are up!

The results from today's competitions are in and the results have been posted! Click here to view all the state scores.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thank you, Seth Woods!

The LifeSmarts program staff would like to extend a big thank you to NCL Board Member and program consultant, Seth Woods. Seth brings invaluable insight and experience to LifeSmarts as a four-year high school participant who represented Kentucky at the LifeSmarts National Championships of 2002 and 2004. Seth’s Southern charm and continued dedication to the program are greatly appreciated. Be sure to introduce yourself at the registration desk!

Seth explains competition scoring to a rapt audience

Competition officials put their own “LifeSmarts” to the test

A group of program officials made up of NCL board members, sponsors, and topic area experts, were put in students' shoes this afternoon when they were forced to navigate the competition’s complex rulebook in preparation for overseeing the day’s events. More than a few officials could stand to learn a few things from our student champions, some adults could only scratch their heads in response to competition questions . . .

Competition officials put their consumer and financial savvy to the test

Vote for your favorite T-shirt!

Be sure to vote for your favorite team designed t-shirts at the registration desk. There will be two prize winners: the Judges' Selection and the People's Choice Award.

The lovely Miss Tee shows off of an LA inspired design

A sampling of this year's designs

LifeSmarts competitors point to their favorite designs

Check out the photo album of all the championship teams!

Click here to view the album of photos from all 33 national championship teams

The results from day 1 are posted!

The results from yesterday's team assessment are in and the results have been posted! Click here to view all the state scores.