Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wisconsin Takes Title!

The kids from Oconto High School in Wisconsin have beaten Washington State's Kittias High School.

Introducing the 2009 National LifeSmarts Championship team:

Coach Tammie McCarthy
Co-coach Kay Johnson
Captain David Sohrweide
Taylor Thomson
Rylee Ahnen
Koty Slough

Congratulations, guys!

Final Match in Progress!

The Final Match is underway! Watch Washington and Wisconsin square off for the 2009 National Championship title live at www.NextGenWeb.org!

Live Now: New Hampshire vs. Wisconsin in Semi-Final #1

The semi-finals are a little more than an hour away, and NextGenWeb will be capturing the action for our friends and fans back home. Watch how this morning's competitions unfold at www.nextgenweb.org. Who will take home the 2009 National LifeSmarts Champion title?

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