Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arizona Takes the Title!

The Flagstaff Home Educators from Arizona have defeated Illinois' West Chicago Community High School in the 2008 National LifeSmarts Championship!

Introducing the 2008 National LifeSmarts Champion team:

Flagstaff Home Educators
Jennifer Bearchell, coach
Jan Robison, co-coach
Zach Schierl, captain
Reanna Toenjes
Emily Bearchell
Jake Robison
Michael Swift

Way to go, guys!

And Then There Were Two

We're just minutes away from the 2008 National LifeSmarts Championship!

It'll be Illinois vs. Arizona in the final match. Illinois, who made its way through the Winners Bracket, and Arizona, who was knocked down in a match yesterday but re-emerged late Monday.

It's gonna be a real nail-biter! Check it out here, streaming live, RIGHT NOW at NextGenWeb!

Illinois Headed to Finals!

Currently underway:

Arizona's Flagstaff Home Educators, coached by Jennifer Bearchell battling New Hampshire's Sullivan County 4-H, coached by Nancy Berry.

It's Almost Trophy Time ...

Semi-Finals Begin!

First up: Illinois vs. Virginia

Don Zabelin's team from West Chicago Community High School is up against Hilary Parr's team from Spotsylvania High School. The tension is thick in this competition ballroom. Eeek!