Monday, April 23, 2012

LifeSmarts Dance Party in progress

Togas optional

Go Team LifeSmarts!

We love our State Coordinators!

Meet the semi-finalists

Florida's Paxon Advanced Studies faces Pennsylvania's Dallas High School.


Battle of the northeast: Barrington High School in Rhode Island facing Maryland Home Schoolers from Frederick.
Rhode Island

Final 4 determined!

The scores are in! Final four semi-finalists are:

Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Don't forget to watch the action live online tomorrow starting at 9 am at

Top 8 teams are revealed

Quarterfinals are on!

The following match-ups between the Elite 8 are about to begin! Check back for updates!

Washington vs. Florida
Pennsylvania vs. New Hampshire
Maryland vs. Arizona
New York vs. Rhode Island

The big reveal

We are moments away from the reveal of the top 8 teams. Who will be eliminated and who will advance? EEEEEK!

Thanks, Coordinators

Brenda Shuler (CT), Gwen Worlds (FL), Kathleen Belanger (NH)
Our wonderful LifeSmarts state partners organize and implement LifeSmarts at the state level -- which includes marketing and promoting LifeSmarts in their states, serving as the local contact for their state's coaches, and planning and conducting the annual in-person state LifeSmarts competition -- and many of them travel to the national championship to help serve as officials and root for their teams.

LifeSmarts Coordinators do so much for us. Thanks, you guys!

Thank you, Coordinators!

Awesome alumni getting in on the action

They just can't say goodbye -- and we are so grateful for it! Former LifeSmarts super stars Evan, from Kansas, and Hafsa, from Connecticut, lent us their valuable time at the 2012 National LifeSmarts Championship, snapping photos, tweeting scores, and making the LifeSmarts staff work room a funner -- and funnier -- place to be.

Thanks, you guys!

Evan, whipping up some magic tweets.

Hafsa, second from left, with this year's Connecticut state champs.