Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cool confidence coming out of Fenton High, Michigan's returning champs

By Michigan Team Captain Nick Sanborn
Michigan - The Great Lakes State! (Lots of Fresh Water Everywhere)

Competition was held at Oakland University in RochesterMichigan on February 17.

We are from Fenton High School and our team was put together from the top scorers from our Business classes. We use the LifeSmarts quizzes as warm up activities and practice for the state competition.

I am the captain and only returning team member this year, having gone to Hollywood last year, but I am confident my team will adjust to the new venue and we will compete well.

At the State Competition most of the questions were fairly simple; although there was a few that were more challenging as well. However, we came into the competition with a "we're going to win" attitude, so we were pretty confident of the outcome. Because of this confidence there weren't any major nail biters for us.

I know on behalf of my team that we are excited to be able to take part in this competition and are extremely happy and honored to have this opportunity to represent our community and school.

We are looking forward to the excitement of the competition, staying in a nice hotel, eating a Philly Cheese Steak and meeting/socializing with everyone at the competition.

Mr. Burwitz is our coach and Business teacher; he has been very helpful in our preparation and in the planning of this trip. We would also like to thank the Better Business Bureau of Michigan (BBB) for the organizing of our state event, and their generous support to help make this trip possible for our team. Special thanks to Crystal Kontos our State LifeSmarts Coordinator for all her hard work and support.

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Illinois for the win yessur