Thursday, March 15, 2012

Championship! Philadelphia! Trivia!

The 2012 LifeSmarts National Championship is next month! With teams from across the country headed to Philadelphia this weekend, let’s take a look at some Philly trivia:
  • The Liberty Bell weighs 2,080 pounds.
  • Philadelphia is the site of the first presidential mansion and was once the United States capital city.
  • Benjamin Jackson produced the country's first mustard in 1768 and sold it to fellow Philadelphians in glass bottles.
  • Benjamin Franklin demonstrated electrical cooking in 1749. He killed a turkey by electric shock, then roasted it over a fire started by his "electrified bottle".
  • The first daily newspaper was published in Philadelphia in 1784.
  • Fairmount Park in Philadelphia is the largest city park with over 8,000 acres.
  • In a house at 239 Arch Street, Betsy Ross fashioned the first American flag.
  • If you dug straight down from Philadelphia to the other side of the globe you would end up in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  • The nation's first hospital opened in Philadelphia 1751.
  • The Philadelphia Mint produces over 30 million coins per day.
  • Philadelphia has more public art than any city in the country.
  • Benjamin Franklin and four other signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried in Philadelphia’s Christ Church cemetery.

See you all in Philly!

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