Monday, April 26, 2010

Semi-finalists are in!

Arizona, Kansas, Maryland, and North Dakota have advanced to the semi-finals!

Starting at 9 am Eastern Tuesday, you can watch the teams compete live online! Hosted by MSNBC's Consumer Man Herb Weisbaum, Kansas and Maryland will face off at 9 am, with Arizona vs. North Dakota following.

Check out the action at!


Flagstaff Lifesmarter said...

Congratulations Team Arizona. You can do it!

FHE Supporter said...

Go Jordy,
Go Christopher,
Go Emily,
Go Reanna,
Go Scott,
Go Coaches....Go Arizona!!

Anonymous said...

GARTH lightening it up u are the man
Showing those big city people that ND is CASH!!

fanofthepact said...

Keep it up Arizona!!!!!