Friday, April 16, 2010

J.P. Stevens High vs. J.P. Stevens High in New Jersey Finals

The New Jersey State LifeSmarts competition is our earliest state event, taking place each November. The following is a recap of last fall’s competition.

By Guest Blogger Casey Dougan, New Jersey Team Captain

The LifeSmarts New Jersey State finals are over, and it was a very interesting competition as a total of six teams fought it out head-to-head at the State semi-finals on November 23, 2009 for the New Jersey State title. After defeating two teams, the John P. Stevens Hawks advanced to the finals—only to be pitted against their sister team, the John P. Stevens Original!

The final round of competition was a very heated and fast-paced event, with both teams deadlocked for most of the rounds. A pair of sisters proudly represented their school, from opposing teams.

Tension was in the air as each sister excitedly waited for her turn, both hoping to beat out the other. As question master, Carol Otis, read each question carefully and precisely, both teams listed intently and were sure to buzz in as soon as they knew the answer. The judges quickly came to decisions about answers and were strict in enforcing the rule that your name must be called before you speak in the team and challenge rounds.

In the end, John P. Stevens Original advanced to the finals and will be representing New Jersey for the second year in a row at the National LifeSmarts Competition in Miami Beach, Florida in April!

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