Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scoping Things Out in 'The Lou'

Early indications are that St. Louis is going to be a great host city for this year's National LifeSmarts Championship. The view from the hotel lobby alone is postcard-worthy, and beautiful Busch Stadium is visible as well. Anybody planning to take in a Cards game while they're here?

The weather is lovely, this year's goodie bags and prizes are looking pretty awesome, and the Millennium hotel staff is friendly.

So, what are you packing for your trip to the Show Me State?

Fun facts about St. Louis:

State animal: Mule
Other nicknames: Gateway to the West and Home of the Blues
State bird: Bluebird
State bug: Honey Bee
Both iced tea and waffle cones were invented at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair


Josh Lindsey said...

Its looking like a great trip from the west coast (Ca) cant wait to hit up a Cards game, any one tryin to go its like $30.00?

the National Consumers League said...

Hey Josh! Our source at the hotel says scalping is legal here, and these guys are good at what they do -- and they can smell out-of-towners a mile away. The ballpark is a stone's throw from the hotel, and tickets are probably still available to the games. Just make sure you're dealing with someone who seems legit, take a good look at the tickets, and use common sense!

Here's the official site:

Gooo Cards! (or Cubs!)