Friday, April 11, 2008

OK, OK. We May Have Overreacted

Well, it's turning out that the weather really isn't THAT bad. It's just raining right now, and it's above the freezing mark. (Hmm, the freezing mark. That sounds like a good LifeSmarts question...) Don't get us wrong - it definitely looks more like winter than spring, and there are some areas in the state that are truly getting dumped on - but downtown Minneapolis is mostly just looking a little slushy.

People are no longer using scary words like "blizzard," and we NCL staff are settling in at the hotel where all the action will take place (which is really nice and has a restaurant with a yummy breakfast buffet).

The Star Tribune is reporting that the storm's been downgraded to a "Winter Weather Advisory," and 2-4 inches today. Tomorrow, the day when most LifeSmarts state champs will arrive, looks like even less of a weather threat. So happy and safe travels to all you state champs! We look forward to seeing you!

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cleo said...

OK, Saturday in DC-Metro area was nice; but take comfort in the fact that Sunday was cold. And hey, you got to show the Florida team what snow looks like!